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Throughout the years I have spoken with many health care professionals regarding my daily angst. I am 71 and have suffered with almost all the symptoms contained on this website - worse especially as I grow older. Excuse a digression, the professionals I referred to were receiving quite a bit of money on a regular basis. The reason for the digression was to compare my telephone conversation today with Jill Osborne who received NO money! However, she spent more time with me than any doctor has period. Patient arrives at the Drs. office and waits to see the tech who asks questions most of which were on the form takes BP etc. and again patient waits. Finally, Dr. arrives and is never there more tan 10 minutes and the tech comes by with a prescription and note for billing insurance and date for next appointment. When Jill spoke with me she was up to date on her literature review and stopped to make certain I understood. She was warm and friendly and her first few sentences opened the door for "finally some help"!

I would recommend her to anyone that goes through the daily torture of any of these symptoms. She additionally did not put anyone down and was extremely ethical. She suggested I purchase the cushion which was my original question when I called. It was at that time I asked what else would help. I inquired about the ice pack and she said just use a frozen bag of peas. I asked about a few other things and she said she had things that might help but why spend money before seeing a new doctor and perhaps getting another diagnosis. She was emphatic as she told me to get a new diagnosis from a recognized doctor for this problem. She gave me hope, charged me nothing and asked that I call and let her know how things went after seeing the new doctor. I would give her an A+! Would anyone disagree? I know not!

Thank you Jill! Susan
Dr. Susan J. Williams, Adjunct Faculty Basically Retired

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