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Here at the ICN, we have a very optimistic and encouraging point of view that we share through our magazine, the IC Optimist. Each quarterly issue contains practical, helpful and informative articles written by IC experts that will give you hope. From the latest research to interviews with the best clinicians in the world, we believe that you'll find practical tips in every article that will help you better understand and/or manage your interstitial cystitis. Each issue also includes superb feature stories, self-help strategies, consumer awareness notices, IC diet articles and, whenever possible, patient stories. Best of all, your purchase of an ICN Subscription helps to make possible our free IC support services. We simply couldn't offer the 300,000 free support sessions that we do each month without the generous support of our subscribers. We thank you for your help. You really do make this happen. - Jill Osborne, ICN Founder