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Jill Osborne, ICN FounderWe started the IC Optimist magazine in 2004 because we received many requests from patients who wanted a printed resource that they could share with their families and friends. And, of course, it's one way that patients without access to the web stay connected. But, most of all, it's how we fund the free IC support services offered on our website. When you purchase the IC Optimist, you're saying that you believe that patients need support and, with this purchase, are helping to make that happen.

Why do we call it the IC Optimist?? Because we are very optimistic about the future of IC and the tremendous advances that are being made each month to help us get to the bottom of this condition. We want to you to find direct, immediately useful information in every edition. We include the latest research, urgent consumer awareness alerts as well as practical stories on self-help, diet, exercise and more. You'll also find stories by the best writers in the IC movement including Stacey Shannon, Bev Laumann & Julie Beyer RD. Each issue runs between 28 and 40 pages! - Jill O., ICN President

When you purchase one of our IC Optimist Magazines as a PDF file, please note that it is not an instant download. We will send you your download in your order completion email approximatley 24-48 hours after purchase.

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