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Feminine Hygiene

Jill Osborne, ICN FounderWhen a patient has a tender urethra, vulva, perineum or rectum, menstrual pads can create even more irritation due to their high chemical load. Most pads and pantyliners use absorbent fibers that have been bleached with chlorine, creating dangerous toxins, like dioxin. Studies have shown a direct link between dioxin exposure and cancer, birth defects, and reproductive disorders. Tampons, of course, can be impossible to wear!

We've found several natural products that are more tolerable and comfortable, including Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Pads & Pantyliners, Glad Rag Flannel Pads and more! You might find the Natracare Intimate Wipes and the Seventh Generation Baby Wipes comforting and soothing for those tender tissues. For women who can't even tolerate wearing underwear, Commandos may be the perfect alternative. We love them and we hope you will too! - Jill O., ICN Pres. & Founder