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Ending Male Pelvic Pain
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Ending Male Pelvic Pain

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Physical therapist Isa Herrera has released her SECOND groundbreaking book, Ending Male Pelvic Pain: A Man's Guide, which shares her successful pelvic pain and pelvic pain treatment approach. She says "I've had many successes in treating men with pelvic issues and I must say that the men who are the most succesful either possess or develop a positive, fighting attitude and learn how to take control of their pain and pelvic floor issues on their own."

The book is exceptional and a must read for men struggling with IC, prostatitis or recovering from prostatectomy. In Part One, Isa provides one of the best discussions of pelvic floor anatomy that I've read. The pelvic floor is unusually complex with muscles in various locations and depths. She shows readers how to examine their muscles to determine which could be contributing to their pain. 

Part Two offers an extensive set of exercises and stretches (with demonstrative pictures), including how to do kegels, using pilates balls, yoga, stretching in the workplace, using a foam roller and building a strong core. 

She shows readers how to do external muscle work, including the abdomen, hips, legs and perineum, including simple, useful tools that can help such as a simple tennis ball. She also covers, in-depth, how to perform internal muscle assessments and massage. Yes, it sounds difficult but it can work and work well. I particularly like her discussion and pictures for using a TENS unit to help manage pelvic pain. 

What makes this book truly effective is its approach to working with the unique struggles that men face. She encourages men to be open-minded and willing to work hard. She reminds men that practice is required to master the techniques and provides a very doable schedule of activities. A patients approach to the treatment is also important. Patience and a fearless attitude is essential! As she says, she wants her male patients to be "fearless warriors."

We strongly recommend this book for any men struggling with IC, CP and other sources of pelvic pain! We give it five stars! 


Foreward by Geo Espinosa ND, LAc, CNS

Pages: 309

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