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In a small study of patients with recurrent bladder infections conducted by urologist Dr. Michael Blue (OK), 71% of patients reported an improvement in their symptoms while using D-Mannose. Of the 18 women who had been diagnosed with painful bladder syndrome, 94% reported symptom improvement. Reference: The Effects of U-Tract: As A Practical Therapeutic Agent for the Management of Urinary Tract Infections, March 1, 2003. (Provided by Progressive Labs)

Serving size: 1 level teaspoons Servings per container: approx. 26

Mix with water or non-citrus juice. May be taken with or between meals.

Each serving contains: Pure Mannoplex (d-alpha-mannose)- 1.9 grams. Contains no yeast, dye or preservatives. Product has a 2 year shelf life when kept tightly closed.

I've been a D-Mannose critic ever since another company had the audacity to suggest that it could be used to prevent interstitial cystitis. I still believe that's hogwash, particularly for patients who may have a genetic predisposition for IC. The study I cited above does suggest, however, that some painful bladder syndrome patients found it helpful. I'd like to see a larger, more credible study that proves that it helps with PBS/IC symptoms. However, I believe that D-Mannose IS a viable option for patients struggling with recurring diagnosed UTI's, particularly those that are E-coli based. - Jill

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