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Coffee (Herbal) - Cafix, Pero, Kaffree Roma

Jill Osborne, ICN FounderOne of the hardest parts of the IC diet is avoiding those foods that are high in acid. But, if you're addicted to coffee, this can be really hard to stop. Luckily, several companies are now making low acid herbal coffees that can be much more bladder friendly. Pero, Kaffree Roma and Cafix are quite popular "instant coffee" alternatives. Celestial Seasoning's Roastaroma, however, has the richest and roasty aroma in the bunch!

Please note that patients in flares, or with intense symptoms, should not be using ANY coffees until their symptoms improve. Remember that coffee poured on a wound every single day would likely make that wound more irritated. So, we strongly suggest that you only use this when you're feeling better. - Jill O., ICN Founder
Kaffree Roma
Pero Dark Roast
Cafix Crystals