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Jill Osborne, ICN FounderOne of the true breakthroughs in IC diagnosis and treatment came when doctors began to describe muscles as tight as "tight rubber bands" in the pelvic floor of IC patients. As you can imagine, a tight muscle can cramp, spasm and create tremendous pelvic pain and bladder discomfort. 80% of IC patients are believed to have pelvic floor dysfunction.

When physical therapists became involved in IC clinics and developed new methods to relax the pelvic floor, many IC patients found relief for the first time. "Hands on" physical therapy to gently massage the pelvic floor and restore muscle tone is vital but often not enough. Patients also must have a relaxation program that they can use each day, at home. These tapes work beautifully.

We are delighted to carry several excellent CD's and downloadable MP3 files that can help you reduce muscle tension produced by the Beaumont Hospital WISH program (Royal Oak, MI) which is, undoubtedly, the best produced for pelvic pain in the USA. Research studies have found this program effective at reducing the symptoms of IC and, we feel, these are an absolutely MUST HAVE for anyone struggling with pain and/or PFD. Best of all, you can do these from the comfort of your home.

One last thing!! If you are strugging with pelvic floor dysfunction, I strongly recommend that you purchase the book Heal Pelvic Pain by Amy Stein, PT. It's a marvelous resource and offers great home strategies. You'll find it in our book section under IC Essentials. - Jill Osborne, ICN Founder